Fake English language exams

By: Tonya Mead, CFE, PI, MBA, MA Educational Psychology

The Immigration Chief for New Zealand  asked 18 education service providers to provide detailed explanations for the  30% refusal rate for their foreign Indian student visa applications.

Flags were raised after whistleblowers in a related case divulged that staff was directed by school management to prepare fake results for more than 250 English language tests [paragraph 4].

Some of the flags used by New Zealand authorities to identify immigration and visa fraud in education:

  1. many students enrolled from one nationality
  2. falling evaluation ratings
  3. history of student complaints
  4. rapid enrollment growth
  5. over use of  recruitment agencies, and
  6. lack of education rigor [paragraph 6].

These flags are universal and are markers of potential fraud in education that takes place in US schools and universities also.

Tonya J. Mead, CFE, PI, MBA, MA, Certified K-12 Administrator and School Psychologist is author of Fraud in Education: Beyond the Wrong Answer and president of Shared Knowledge, LLC https://ishareknowledge.com