Bank data for 40 million borrowers vulnerable

By: Tonya Mead, CFE, PI, MBA, MA Educational Psychology

In 2015, the House of Representatives harshly criticized the U.S. Department of Education for failure to safeguard confidential information stored in its information technology systems. What types of information are at stake?  Confidential  banking and income information of 40 million federal student loan borrowers.

At the time, the Department of Education reported that it maintained 184 separate information systems with more than  65% of those systems maintained by outside contractors.  The Department’s FITARA scores for four areas evaluated at the time were three F’s and one ‘D.’

The Department has not improved much since then, please click here for its  May 2016-  FITARA Score.

Tonya J. Mead, CFE, PI, MBA, MA, Certified K-12 Administrator and School Psychologist is author of Fraud in Education: Beyond the Wrong Answer and president of Shared Knowledge, LLC


 U.S. House of Representatives Hearing, Washington, DC.